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The American Way...

In high school, I truly, truly hated these kids. These were the kids who lorded over us with their (parent's) personal wealth. Here is an 18 year old with two cars, costing over $50,000 each -- a Range Rover and a Mercedes! They both are gifts from her father, who sells luxury cars.

Part of this stems from being raised in a (relative to them) poorer household -- part of it comes from the fact that some of these kids don't seem to even appreciate the good fortune they have, or understand that an annual European vacation is not commonplace. Let me contrast this with the guy who drove a 1970 Dodge all of his life, but wound up donating $5 Million dollars to his synagogue.


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Nov. 19th, 2006 07:06 pm (UTC)
I completely understand. I drove a volvo station wagon to school that my parents let me borrow (read: wasn't a gift), and I would park it next to other kids' beamers and mustangs... But I think things are getting better, companies like Range Rover that you mention have tax breaks for small businesses for up to like $15000 and other things to make luxury vehicles more affordable for the rest of us.
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