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The DC Animated Universe never dies. . .it just gets reinterpreted into other mediums. . .

For some reason, I put myself in a news exile (from both the simply inscrutible funny book and animation industries, and the completely illogical real life. . .), but I read on yendi's page that Bruce Timm is still being employed by Warners to adapt some DC comic arcs into DTV DVD releases. Like they do with "Elseworlds", these are not to be considered canon of the Bruce Timm animated DC Universe (which spans from 1992's Batman animated series, all the way to Justice League Unlimited which concluded this year).

Also, from various Teen Titan fan sites, when Robin joins The Batman this fall, he'll sport both the costume and the voice (Scott Menville) from the  2003 animated Teen Titans version. i'll probably still decline viewing it, as the most of the design feels too clunky for animation, and the plots generally more juvenile than in Teen Titans. (I may try to watch the Robin introduction ep. I may also try watching the Harley Quinn introduction ep, as that episode is written by kingofbreakfast aka Paul Dini, and he generally writes good eps. That, and he created Quinn for the original 1992 Batman series.)

Also, most people probably don't realize that comics based on the adaptations in the animated series are still published by DC Comics. Of course this helps confuse newcomers as the animated shows are themselves reinterpretations of comic book series, which are also on sale in shelves at the neighborhood comic book shelves. In fact, at any point, there's probably 16 different interpretations of each character or group of characters in each of their own story arcs which may or may not affect other story arcs in other comics. Anyway, the cartoon inspired ones tend to be self-contained, taking cues from the show if that show is still on the air. Now, the comic based on the Justice League & Justice League Unlimited TV series is titled simply Justice League Unlimited. The comic series based on the Teen Titans animated series is Teen Titans Go! ( after the Puffy AmiYumi sung theme song for the show).

For Teen Titans the animated series, one of the characters most anticipated for inclusion in the show couldn't be included (officially). Clearances couldn't be secured in time. (The only thing more complicated that superhero comic histories it appears are the licensing agreements governing each character's use. And this character's history is a doozy of one.) But for the comic Teen Titans Go!, Wonder Girl can finally make her grand debut.

And why I'm up this early in the morning -- it is 6:47am and it is already 80 degrees. This is going to be a horrible, horrible week.
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