Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

They call it Life... we call it Comedy.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute may have managed something extraordinary -- It appears that the internet is in unanimous agreement that the "We Call it Life" campaign sucks. (Though I should be careful... Technorati still sucks at indexing the internet, or staying online, but an IceRocket search seems to confirm the internet sentiment.)
In fact, I've only found two jottings that can't be deemed negative: both PR posts. One on National Review and one from the libertarian Reason Magazine's blog that was for some reason reposted to a MySpace account.

These ads were released to counter Al Gore's documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. Again, this is an interesting retreat by climate change skeptics, as until now they could simply counter by simple mockery and accusations of scare-mongering (i.e. South Park with their recent episode "ManBearPig"). Now they're switching tack -- engaging the fact... well, spinning the facts, and trying to present a false dilemma, built on hyperbole. "Outlaw carbon dioxide -- which you and every animal creature produces -- and society will be sent back into the dark ages." I.E. the skeptics themselves have been reduced to scare-mongering. This may as well be a vindication of "Ozone Al".

One thing I find remarkable is how bad these ads are. The overwrought narration over stock footage (including a particularly poor choice of images... that of a very hazy sky with a factory visible in the foreground). Of course, there was not much one could do to salvage the questionable premise of presenting CO2 as something more noble than a waste product. Imagine trying to present crap as something wonderful. I can't imagine anyone previewing these ads thinking "This will convince people that exhaled breath/factory smog is good" or "Time Magazine is part of a conspiracy to scare you about climate change", as opposed to "Is this a SNL/Mad Magazine/The Daily Show parody?"
Tags: politics, weather
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