Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

All that hot air...

This is almost funny in that these ad play more like an Onion parody* than an actual piece of propaganda from the energy industries in trying to convince people that pollution is good. "Carbon Dioxide -- its produced by people, animals, the ocean, the earth, and oh yeah a few factories here and there, lets not think about that now... but it's life. It lets you move and fly and if them crazy environmentalists outlaw it, we'll instantly be thrust back into the stone age! It's not pollution, it's progress!"

(That's only a slight exaggeration of their ad called Energy.)

Their other ad goes about misrepresenting climate science. "It's snowing slightly in a small section of Greenland, so why are they scaring you with all of these reports of glacial melts occurring everywhere else in the world. Crazy environmentalists have infultrated the media and want to send you all back to the stone age!"

This developments actually makes me feel good about the state of climate-change debate. These ads are just like the lobbying done by the tobacco industry just as popular opinion was turning against them as people found out they lied and lied repeatedly about how addictive and deadly smoking is, and that they've known this for almost forever. And the tobacco industry's efforts were far more slick and professional than the exercises in absurdity that the "Competitive Enterprise Institute" has produced.

Hot air! It powers Congress.

*If someone has a link to something from the Onion about someone producing pollution is good ads, please leave me a note!
Tags: politics, television, weather
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