Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Up in Smoke

All it took was a poof of smoke.

In particular, a poof of smoke from the back and rear of my HP Pavilion n3210 notebook computer. Those with some knowledge of the technical workings of computers know that if smoke is being emitted from the system, something is seriously wrong. Of course, the fact that the power did something funky at the time to the lights and other electronic equipment in the room at the same time that my unfortunate system decided to take up smoking didn't help matters. But all that matters now is that I'm sitting on top of a $800 paper weight/coaster. And I started the day fretting on how a battery was going to cost me $200.

Should I find an exact replacement at the exact cost I paid a year or two ago, that would deplete my entire savings plus my credit. Which is likely what I'll have to do. This puts more onus on me to find work this summer.
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