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Seeing a teenaged Mario Lopez wearing a pink tank top, hawaiian shorts and pink novelty sunglasses singing "Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Bahran" caused me to believe I was suffering from an acid flashback. Having Dustin Diamond and Mark Paul Gosselaar, all in 80s (early 90s) glory had me shaking with nerves. I had never consumed LSD in my life.

I had left to shower believing that I had left the TV on Cartoon Network, so for a very brief moment, I thought I lost my mind. Then, I remembered this was the same network that has recently aired The Goonies, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, Snow Day, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, and Small Soldiers, and has optioned to produce two shows which includes live action (not counting the Canadian produced Zixx), so it is certainly possible that the network has taken its train of stupid ideas to its logical conclusion and crashed it directly into TNBC. Then I saw the tag. "Saved by the Bell on Adult Swim starts April 17th." All in the varsity collegiate typeface.

Knowing this made me feel better.

Regular readers of this irregular journal may now be questioning the veracity of my claim of never having used LSD, as I have been regularly bashing Cartoon Network for airing things that even the most braindead fools would recognise as not being cartoons. As recently as 24 hours ago.

And if this was airing at any time on any other daypart of Cartoon Network, I would start organizing a massive protest in front of Turner headquarters in Atlanta, as well as considering simultanous protests at the Time Warner center in New York, and the Warner Bros. studio lot in Los Angeles. But in Adult Swim, it different. Not because they consider themselves a different network from Cartoon Network daytime. ("Saul of the Mole People" looks to commit the double sin of being live-action, and being Adult Swim filler crap like "Tom Goes to the Mayor" and "12 oz. Mouse".)

No, since Adult Swim first expanded to the 5-6:00am hour, they've had an hour of time to kill. As scheduled, they used to run 3 hours of programming, and then repeat it. The seventh hour was filler, which lately they filled with the lousiest junk they could find. Expanding the weeknight block to the 10:30-11:00pn half hour on the other end reduced the dead block to just 5:30-6:00am. And by lousy, I mean the worse of the worse. Currently, they're using that block to run an animated show called "Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandos". Think of Saturday Night Live trying to produce a parody of the worse star driven animated program possible. Karate Kommandos is worse than that! The opening of the show actually mentions Chuck Norris' name ten times The opening has an ethnic kid and they actually refer to him by his catchphrase "Too Much". Chuck Norris' team actually includes a Samurai and a Sumo Wrestles/Cook. The villians include "The Claw" who was apparently out of work after the cancellation of Inspector Gadget and henchmen who probably got fired from Cobra in the G.I. Joe series. This is how the show opens!
Chuck Norris!
Chuck Norris, man of action!
Chuck Norris stars in Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandos!
Chuck Norris, he's got nerves of steel and strength to match!

You actually get the feeling that the producers of the show was afraid the animation would be so bad, that people wouldn't recognise Chuck Norris without the repeated cues. The animation was pretty bad, even for 80s standards, though at least it seems they got Jack Kirby and Gil Kane to help make sure the people looked recognisable as people. The plots were nonsensical, and there was no continuity within the show itself. You couldn't parody this show -- it was that bad. Which is probably why it wound up on Adult Swim. This show, and the Mr. T cartoon, were the shows they used to prank people on April Fools Day (replacing the popular anime of the night).

Now with Adult Swim showing Saved by the Bell, in a normal title card, they state this is a *special two week run* starting April 17th (Actually, the 18th at midnight). Interestingly, this run overlaps with Cartoon Network's two week run (starting today) of showing movies in prime time. Yes, most of which are live action movies. Tonight they're showing "Roger Rabbit" once again, but tomorrow it's "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" and Wednesday it is a documentary about the current executives running Cartoon Network. So, right now, I'm happy to assume that the Adult Swim team is mocking the regular network team by showing a show neither animated or suited for adults. (Saved by the Bell wasn't suited for viewing by anyone, despite going on seemingly forever.) This was a show aired on TBS, and many people complained that CN was turning into the TBS dumping ground. (The movies that CN aired in November, January and February had aired earlier on TBS.) I think even on the ToonZone message board, someone suggested that "Saved by the Bell" would be airing on the future "Children's Network".

Of course, it is equally as likely that an Adult Swim executive got wasted and just started laughing like a lunatic at the old show.

Updated at 4:48am -- Well, another bumper stated SBTB will air at midnight (I stated 5:30am originally), so I guess we'll still get to enjoy the suckatude of Chuck Norris at 5:30am, as well as seeing SBTB air twice each night.