Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Ending the world, one mistake at a time.

One of the things you should fear when a political leader becomes unpopular, and his ideas have not only fallen out of favor with the public, but has proven to be catastrophically disasterous, is the increasing urge to gamble all or nothing in order to gain vindication. Seymour Hersh is reporting in the New Yorker than plans are being discussed to wage war with Iran. Nuclear war. From an anonymous source, he quotes that Bush sees "saving Iran is going to be his legacy." Once again, we have at the chess-table someone who has yet to master Connect Four. Of all the possible but diminishing options we have against Iran (thanks in part to the wonderful display of incompetence we gave the world in the run-up and execution of the Iraq War), the one option guarenteed to make things worse is a full-out attack.
Tags: george w bush, iran, iraq, politics, war
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