Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Can I believe my eyes today?

Today's not the day to be stumbling around the internet. Everybody is a joker, and some sites go to remarkable lengths to make an April Fool. So, when I checked the Fark Politics Page -- after fighting through a squirrel, and guinea pigs with laptops -- I find this: "Bush Regrets Global Warming"! With this, and the president coming out on the more reasonable side on immigration policy -- I've come close to agree with George Bush twice on policy, I'm fearing that the world will be ending soon!

I absolutely thought it was an April Fool's prank! This is closer to an admission of error than I recall him ever giving for disasters like Iraq or Katrina! And especially on a subject where he could have probably have continued obsfucation on for the remainder of his presidency! Just ask Michael Crichton (TNR) or Steve Milloy (TNR). (Maybe that Time Magazine cover scared him straight.) OK, he still thinks that there is a debate as whether it is just a natural occurance, but that's almost immaterial since he admits that something needs to be done. Unfortunately, given 5 years of his history, and his current status as lamer than a dead duck, I doubt he will do anything that exeeds symbolic. He'll stage a press conference to show off banners with a catchy slogan to present a policy through which once again we'll understand that the vast majority of the discussion was spent on the slogan.
Tags: environment, george w bush, politics

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