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Also, "Nothing New"

I watched a lot of cartoons, particularly the Warner Bros. shorts of the 40s and 50s that was popular with television syndication in the 80s. I watched enough of it as I could begin to identify the likely crew of director and animators for shorts that I've never seen before. My accuracy has gotten well enough as I could tell who directed what show and at roughly when it was produced. Well, Jaime Weinman does one better than me, and can identify which animator does which scene in each short. It's not hard to do if you realize that each animator has different strengths and quirks which can be identified with sufficient sluthing. Jaime plays cartoon forensics on "Show Biz Bugs" and (with the assist of Greg Duffell) "Hillbilly Hare".

All in all, his journal "Something Old, Nothing New" is an interesting page devoted to interesting commentary on old things that used to be popular. It was added to the 'blogroll' a few days ago, which prompted Blogspot to immediate crash, rendering the site inaccessible for a few days. (Yes, Blogspot went down to spite me...)