Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Coroner's Report: JLU -- Cause of death: Casualty of turf warfare...

I find it remarkable that the funny book company that foisted the concept of parallel universes into American homes oh so long ago, so they could have and keep two Justice Society teams going on has allowed their acclaimed flagship show Justice League to be mortally wounded, because some folks couldn't bear to live in a world where two different animated manifestations of The Joker could possibly exist. Two Jokers? That could cause a major metaphysical crisis to befall this universe.

Well, provided that Cartoon Network doesn't engage in its favorite pastime, Schedule Roulette, they will run the each of the last eight episodes at 10:30pm Saturday nights. They're actually advertising this heavily, at least on Adult Swim, thus lending credence that the DC Universe is frightening to children. Well, there will always be the DVDs.

Actually, this is sad as the JLU animated series was probably the most accessible entrance to the DC Comics universe and cast of characters. Perhaps this will change as we immerge from the wreckage of Infinite Crisis to what is speculated to be a more hopeful world upon its aftermath.

I hope Time Warner can see how popular this decision is among its viewers. The only other recent postings by Paul Dini with as much comment activity is the one with Zatanna his lovely wife, Misty (also with some news about some comic or another he's writing).

Oh yeah, BTW, Paul Dini has a journal.
Tags: animation, cartoon network
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