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I forgot to mention that they did have a presentation that I wanted to see at MSDN, and that I didn't go there completely clueless as to what to expect. Microsoft is trying to abstract out the creation of user interfaces through something called Windows Presentation Foundation. From the looks of this, they want to use the same abstract code (looks like XML) for building applicaton and web interfaces (thus this competes with stuff like SVG for web programming).

During this time, they also demonstrated their "Photoshop killer" -- well Joe started it up once and exited, while noting that Photoshop or that "Photoshop killer" app which currently has a twenty word code name is outside his expertise. Too bad. Well, I came out of the conference with 2 DVDs filled with code, and movie theatre popcorn and soda (the thing was held at the Regal Cinema at the MCI Center in Chinatown, DC.

Also with noting, techie conferences are one of the few places where there will be a huge line for the men's room while the women's room is practically empty. Of a packed theatre, I counted about 20 women.