Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

USA 363,584,435

Last week, the Washington Post posted a number of articles trying to gague the future in 2030 where the US population is forcast to be over 360 Million. Amazingly, I could only see one that isn't mostly negative news.

See the east coast flooded by rising sea levels, and see DC become only a memorial city surrounded by levees and dykes.

See the country and world run out of food and water. Hunger reaches our shores. (More so than it exists already.)

City planning will still suck!

But it may just make sense to stay in bed, because you won't be able to drive to work. (Provided you can still afford gas.)

At least as old geezers will still hold the center of attention... or so we hope

And this article simply proves that you can't describe all of culture and entertainment in one short article.
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