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From the estate of H. G. Roth

Here's something really cool. Joel Thingvall is an avid art collector. Over the years, he's collected tons of sketches, drawings and paintings of one Wonder Woman. From that collection, he's posted an extensive gallery of those images at the collector and enthusiast site Comic Art Fans. Sometime this week, he posted this remarkable find: the first sketches of our then unnamed Wonder Woman. This was apparantly found by Heritage Auctioneers at the estate of Roth (better known as H.G. Peter, first illustrator of Wonder Woman by William Marston's recommendation). It was sold at auction for over $33,000 in 2002. It's an interesting piece of history, and I only wish the scan posted was better. JPEG artifacting takes a lot of details out of it.

Anyway, there are a number of interesting articles about the origin of Wonder Woman and the curious man behind the Woman. Here's two that I have open on my web browser at the moment. (Largely because there's damn precious little infomation on H.G. Peter on the internet.)

Pryor, Monique. "The Man Behind Wonder Woman: William Marston" Jim Hill Media
Tipton, Scott. "Enter Diana". Movie Poop Shoot