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Where did Suck.com go?

If you type up Suck.com looking for that old internet magazine Suck.com (still some of the best writing of then or now), don't type Suck.com. Apparently, that domain name was snatched by those who immediately purchase expired or expiring domains the instant they become available so they can put up porn, or Ad-Sense abuse sites (where they steal content and mirror it so they can skim Ad-Sense money from Google). The folks who stole Suck.com chose porn.

Suck.com, or at least the real content of the old site is still availble at http://suck.eod.com, (also at http://suck.mirror.theinfo.org) but who knows how long. I'd suggest to everyone to save the content if they really like it, but I do not know the legality of such a thing.

(January 2: Suck has, once again, returned.)



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Dec. 31st, 2005 04:44 am (UTC)
That's very sad. As Spy magazine was to the 80s, Suck was to the 90s.
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