Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Zixx: Post Two

Despite the graphic used by their website, Cartoon Network did not choose to start broadcasting Zixx from the middle of the series. Yeah, normally you'd never expect a television network to introduce a show to an unfamiliar audience from midway through -- but frankly, Cartoon Network has done a lot of things that has boggled the mind. For example, they've decided to air a largely low-budget live-action Canadian produced series that premiered almost two years ago (if is accurate).

Frankly, I don't have the will to say much about the show. It wasn't good enough for me to want to watch through, nor interesting enough to want to figure out why I don't like it. It's big selling hook (that kids enter a video-game world to battle villians) seems to be its Achilles Heel -- the battle scenes are as exciting as watching someone else play a mediocre late 1990s video game. This is probably how Ebert felt when he was watching Doom. The bigger disappointment is Cartoon Network is going to give over at least a half-hour a week to this show, when they've treated many decent cartoons rather shabbily. (One example, the series finale of Duck Dodgers premiered last month -- on Boomerang.) Frankly, they're showing as much care and faith to their purported mission statement as they are to designing their website. This is emblematic of greater problems at "Cartoon".
Tags: animation, television
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