Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence


That's fucked up beyond belief... That's all I can say...
That's my reaction I had when I read the story referenced by Bruce Reed over at Slate on Friday. Over in France, doctors performed a partial face transplant on a woman who's face got chewed up by her dog after she overdosed on sleeping pills in a suicide attempt. Under normal circumstances, this would be troubling as there would be questions to her mental fitness for such surgery, but where this story gets macarbe is that more recent reports report that the donor herself was a suicide victim. If true, imagine how creepy it would be to see the face of someone who killed herself staring you in the face every morning, knowing very well you tried for the same fate. (Well, according to the story, the transplanted parts are all below the nose, so it's not quite seeing the dead looking at you...)

Just plain creepy.
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