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Run, quick!

Tai Shan ("Butterstick", though now more like "Butterball") makes is public debut tomorrow for the hundreds of people whom collectively broke the internet when they rushed online November 21st to snatch tickets.

That's OK. The zoo is giving out a limited number of same-day tickets at the Panda House(meaning you should have started camping out 3 weeks ago) for a chance to perhaps see the footprint he left before crawling inside from the cold five minutes before you arrived.

But still, any excuse to post pictures taken by others of a panda will be taken here at Ster-Ambivi.
The Chinese are watching him as well (as they want him to grow up strong, come home and make more little baby pandas).

He has to do better than his father in that regard. Daddy couldn't please Mei Xiang, and well, he didn't really care. Scientists have discovered that maybe they should have let the couple date a little beforehand.

Of course, when Tai Shan goes home, he may have to learn to look both ways before crossing the street. The Giant Pandas there are being threatened by the giant road network China is building.