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Of Pandas, People, and iPods Too...

I meant to make today's post be part of "Apple Bug Report Friday", and while I may get around to that (probably on Saturday, or January sometime), I just found a funny elsewhere.

Of the few weblogs to become my favorite, DrunkenBlog is probably the most interesting, eclectic and in its own way bizarre. Over at that site today, the author "drunkenbatman", managed to anger two groups of zealots with a post tangentially related to Apple Computer and with a quick aside to Creationist doctrine ("Intelligent Design"). This is ironic in not only that his website is probably one of the most highly regarded Macintosh journals out there, but in an interview, he said that he was a bible salesman.

Largely the piece is one where he revisits several things he posted on before: A prediction he made about Instant Messaging, the iTunes "TV Show and Music Video" Store (DB wonders why the the store has the selection of videos it does. I'm sure the answer has something to do with the little animation company Steve Jobs owns and how important it is to a certain big animation company. This big animation company happens to own one broadcast network and several cable networks, which produces several popular shows -- and this cancelled one. ).

Anyway, there's something interesting, and disturbing sometimes about how deep the loyalties to this one company some people have developed. The clearest example of this overly blind loyalty is in this example of cognitive dissonance in an editorial by MacDailyNews:
"We should blame Microsoft and Apple? Well, one out of two ain't bad. Apple has the de facto standard for online legal music DRM, FairPlay or protected AAC, with over 700 million (estimated) songs sold to date and a firm grip on 80% of the market. Why does Microsoft insist on trying and failing to propagate their proprietary DRM (as proprietary as Apple, granted, but without being the de facto standard) scheme on the world? It is Microsoft that's responsible for the incompatibilities. Remember that Apple's iTunes is free and works for both Mac and Windows, unlike all of Microsoft-based online music stores which are incompatible with Macs."

It's best we overlook the fact that "FairPlay" is incompatible with everything but the iPod, and that Apple is leveraging those monopolies to lock customers into the iTunes/iPod/Quicktime circle, not unlike Microsoft leverages Windows to gain ground in places it wants to compete.

Now, the funnier thing is that a single sentence has driven some people mad...
These types of issues play out on a sliding scale, and like Intelligent Design proponents, even having them at the table runs the danger of skewing things to the point where what might be tolerable will eventually encroach into territory most people don't want to end up in.

That little line drove two or three ID believers to complain in the comments and pretty much derail the thread (well, derailed from its first derailment where the Apple-fanboys complained about DB's latest dis against them). I made my thoughts known there about Intelligent Design. (November 25th 2005, 7:50pm)

Now, I have to get on my Friday Apple Bug Report so I can have it written up before Sunday. Oh yeah, I guess I should mention I was sent a Macintosh. I'll talk about it later. I'm obviously behind on everything related to writing journals. Someone won some election I was talking about here in Virginia. Someone else found old animation posts I made, and complimented me. I had forgotten that I used to write about that. (OK, I haven't... the girls madly in love with Danny Phantom never let me forget that.)
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