Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

No Exit Strategy...

Bush vs the Door

Nothing went right for George Bush in Asia this week. The doors wouldn't even cooperate.

The thing that makes it even funnier is he was trying to leave a press conference early, as he didn't feel like answering any more questions...and well, once again the lack of an exit strategy bites him in the ass.

Quite frankly, it has not been a good week, month or year for the president. In the latest of strings of setbacks for Bush, his Asia trip yielded no success for Bush to claim. He had the Senate in a very showy vote rebuke him in a mostly symbolic vote over Iraq war strategy. (They basically only voted to have Bush inform them of what the hell the strategy actually is.) A very pro-war Democratic representative came out very much agaist the handling of the Iraq war, and demanded a pullout. The administration lashed out at him so feriously, it blewback in their face. (Though the Republican House engineered a show vote against immediate troop pullout, nobody is taking that seriously. Even as a means to embarass people, it failed. And also, Bush was forced to obliquely acknowledge the response to Murtha was beyond uncivil.) And he was reduced to having to use Mongolia as proof that there is still a "Coalition of the Willing". And this doesn't touch upon things like finding that our Iraq can torture people just as well as Saddam's Iraq, or that Bush and Cheney are now on record of wanting to allow the US to torture people (Yay, fun legalistic loopholes -- we aren't the torturers, but we'll gladly ship the people to CIA-friendly, torture-agnostic places.), or having high profile local election losses here in Virginia and in New Jersey and California, or old Sam Alito job applications coming out saying that not only does he stand against Roe v. Wade, he's against several "one man, one vote" rulings that forced states to stop drawing legislative districts so widely unequal in population size.

And lets not forget the debacles that were FEMA and Katrina, and Social Security reform. Bush is a far different position than he thought he'd be from a year ago. He'd thought he would be opening doors to a glorious presidential legacy and a permanent Republican majority -- not that he'd be locked behind a closed door in China.
Tags: george w bush, iraq
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