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The Continuing Mismeasure of Man...

I never took a true controlled IQ test, so I can't say what it would be. However, I took several of those online versions of IQ tests. Depending on the test, I generally score between 130 and 150. Back when the SATs were just two parts and the maximum score was 1600, I scored a 1420 the one time I took it. I didn't study for it -- it's not my style -- and unlike my classmates at high school, I didn't take it again to try to get a better score. (These friends were the type who were doing all they could to make up the best possible resume to get into the most massively expensive college, hopefully with full ride scholarships.) Again, it wasn't my style. This isn't to say I'm not the inquisitive sort. I really like to learn, but simply for the joy of finding out stuff. I never had really marched on to making practical uses of knowledge -- and I still haven't. I didn't plan my life from age five to becoming a veternarian, for example.

That said, no scholarship of mine would have been possible without the tireless effort and support from my mother. She did everything in her power to encourage my curiosity, from the little things like giving me books to read and things to make and build, to the grand act of moving the family to the wealthiest (and one of the most expensive to live in) county simply on word of it having the best school systems in the nation. She had the moral courage to believe in her son and giving him the best environment possible, and knowing that he'll shine.

And since I'm defending my intellect and my worth, it must mean some fool has read The Bell Curve once again, and has swooned over the scientific sounding jargon and scholarly looking footnotes, without realizing that the foundation of its big bookstore "Buy it Now" selling point -- race and intelligence is linked (a.k.a certain darker races are dumber than the rest of the population) -- rests on a foundation of unsound statistical analysis, and on shoddy and confused research. Reading it is somewhat like reading someone doing his best to defend his father's bigotry. Find whatever scrap can prove his rationality, while confuse anything that may hurt his case.



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