Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Miers Remorse

Chibi Harriet Miers
Illustration by SterlingNorth
He's the most brilliant man
I've ever met!
Well, let's start by explaining myself. Friends (well, people who when put under oath must testify to knowing me) know that lack of sleep tends to make me goofy. Shortly after my last post, I stumbled across this parody blog of Harriet Miers. This is one of several fake blogs of famous people, written in the style of the typical weblogger -- a teenager in high school. For reasons I'll probably forget once I get some sleep, I found it rather amusing. Anyway, I think we need a term for these types of fictional journals where people imagine famous people as webloggers. I've gotten to calling them Chibi-blogs, after the common anime and manga practice of creating a shortened, more child-like version of their illustrated characters ("super-deformed" they're sometimes called). If I had more credibility in the blogosphere (which I won't as I frequently mock such goofy terms like "blogosphere"), I'd try to spread this new term throughout the internet. Instead, I chose to use this as an excuse to draw "Chibi Miers". Quite honestly, she deserves being reimagined as a child (and the blog treatment) for stating that Bush was the most brilliant man she had ever met. The fact that she's been nominated to replace O'Connor at the Supreme Court should keep you up at night.

(And yeah, I know...this post has made me a liar. I will talk about the debate -- hopefully before the election in November.)
Tags: drawings, sketches
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