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Danny Phantom still disappoints...

Months ago, I lightly panned Danny Phantom, to the consternation of some of its fans. Frankly, I was torn between revisiting the show again as it has become rather popular (like most every show on Nickelodeon), or to just forget about it.

Frankly, I wound up watching the show again, because its time-slot competition is the disturbingly popular "Loonatics Unleashed" -- a horrible misappropriation of the Looney Tunes characters for use in a paint-by-numbers (using only dark hues) action adventure show.

Danny Phantom is better than Loonatics. That's not saying very much.

This morning's episode of DP was "Control Freaks", an episode showcasing Sam's relationship to her parents and to Danny. A gothic circus comes to town, and Sam and Danny wish to go. However, Sam's parents (rich socialites) feel this gothic phase is harmful to her and that Danny is a bad influence on her, so they forbid her from going. Ironically the circus appears to be having a bad influence on Danny.

That's enough of the plot; there are still too many things that annoy me about the show. Minor ones include Guy Moon's incessant and distracting musical punctuation of when people raise their eyebrows. A character lifts his eyebrows on this show roughly every 3 minutes. (It seems to be a Butch Hartman tick). This stops the show dead in its tracks. It also doesn't help that this eyebrow punctuation seems to occur every time there is a joke that the writers apparently thought was funny.

And getting to that, there was a rather unfunny gag where several characters dress up as Sam and then exclaim that "This is so wrong". It could have been funny at the beginning with Tucker dressing as Sam (he did so to cover for Sam as she skipped school to go to Circus Gothica). However, it was ham-fisted like too many other jokes in the show, and it fell flat. This joke was tried twice more in the show, becoming more pathetic in execution.

The big problem in the show is the jokes are all in the manner of a character acting in a broad stereotype and then remarking to the camera how they are broad stereotypes -- of course with the requisite wink at the camera, and of course the Guy Moon orchestrational punctuation of that moment. We're but steps away from canned laughter, folks. The show has the subtlety of a tin-drum.

I could probably write more if I was willing to watch the show again and anaylize it deeper, but I mean to avoid the show again.


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Dec. 12th, 2005 04:51 am (UTC)
Danny Phantom Is Wonderful
Have you been talking out your ass.. again? Seems to me. Danny Phantom is a wholesome children's show, with mildly dry humor. Nonetheless, you shouldn't be talking. Watching Looney Toons are YOUR age? Pfft.
Dec. 12th, 2005 06:46 am (UTC)
Re: Danny Phantom Is Wonderful
You know what? Unlike you, I posted actual substantive criticisms of the show. If you think I'm wrong, go ahead and point out why. Otherwise, you can leave the childish insults behind.

By the way, I would not consider the humor in the show "mildly dry". It's actually rather broad and telegraphed where the jokes are literally visible minutes away. The jokes are its weakest spot, since the creators seem to think the key to an action show is to do "Fairly OddParents" and then add fights. Thus the show veers wildly in its tone.
Feb. 26th, 2006 03:35 pm (UTC)
Danny Phantom is awesome!
Keep your **** opinions to yourself! :p
Aug. 20th, 2006 11:33 pm (UTC)
actually, i like danny phantom
sorry you didnt like the show, that's tottally fine by me, your intitled to your own opinions. ^_^ personally, i think that control freaks like most of the episodes, are satires for life in general. danny fenton is a very realistic charicter by nature, which makes him inturn a very likeable superhero. he's not that muscular or handsome, nor is he very athletic or polular at school. that makes his expeariences easy to relate to; being outshined by his know it all older sister, his parents who are always busy and embarress him often. its the same with every charicter, you could look at any given charicter and say "wow, i know someone who's just like that"! and for charicter's who are always being subect to outragous cercumstances, they are down to earth enough to be beleveable. the who speal with "control freaks" was touching on a subject that is often ignored; a nat-nashing homemaking-natzi living in the same house as a moody teenage girl who also happends to be a bit of a punk rocker living under one roof. the title control freaks is Plurl. the question that makes me laugh the most is "who is the bigger control freak? the creepy evil mindcontroling ring master, or sam's mother?" XD
the point of veiw dosent really take sides between the punks and the brady bunch-mothers. they make fun of both and overgeneralize to make a point. both can be right and both can be wrong, both sam and her mother can mean well. i belive the point that butch was trying to make was; it ok to be a protective parent, there are a lot of bad things out there that a parent should protect their children from, but if you obsess over the little things and not pay real atention to the real big problums, then your only helping the problum. and in sam's folly; a kid can be themselves, but that dosent mean ignore the people who are trying to point you in the right direction. its alright that you dont like this show, there are a lot of people who dont. but all around the world there are about a million teenagers out there who love this show. so please dont anyone flame people who have diferant tastes than you. eather of you.

from meh! ^_^
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