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Georgia closes it schools... for two days

Yeah, this was nagging at the back of my mind when I wrote my last post, but I wasn't sure if I really actually heard this, as it sounds so outlandish that it should be debunked by Snopes, but Georgia did ask schools to close to save gas. But only for two days, for fear that gas prices will be exorbitant after Rita hit.

However, Rita seems to have missed most of the refineries, and most importantly, the media is reporting that Rita missed most of the refineries, so gas prices aren't supposed to get any worse they've been -- well -- these past several months. I remember when I could laugh at California for their $2+/gallon prices. Here we are today where gas stations don't have enough threes for their signs.


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Sep. 26th, 2005 01:24 pm (UTC)
My sister was pretty pissed, like many Georgia parents, because she had to arrange for emergency daycare for her daughters. Or stay home from work; I don't remember what she was going to do, but she wasn't happy about it.
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