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The WTF statement of the Speech...

"This was not a normal hurricane..."

I didn't want to write anything until I had something more substansial to say, but I nearly choked on dinner when I heard this.
What exactly about this hurricane deviated from "normal"? It's a giant thunderstorm that causes torrential downpours of rain and extremely high sustained windspeeds.
The hurricane caused levees to break causing a flooding of the city of New Orleans. Exactly what would you expect to happen here if a hurricane hit New Orleans? What did this storm do, that was so unexpected that it wasn't normal?

Cause torrential rain?

Have high windspeed?

Caused local flooding, have rivers and lakes overflow their banks (or break through artificial damns)?

Hit the United States at a coast?

It obviously wasn't abnormal as this was one of the three disasters the federal government had "war games" for (...the others of course being a terrorist attack on New York City and a earthquake in San Francisco. Look out San Francisco, you might be hit with an abnormal earthquake, that no one could forsee occuring.)

This was not a storm that sprung fully grown from Zeus's head right on top of Louisiana. It was casing the gulf coast for days, right after running over Florida. Even the National Weather Service was getting ready for Armageddon in a notice that I wish I hadn't quite mocked before the storm.

With this, now I wish Bush never gave a speech tonight. The Buck obviously doesn't stop anywhere in this administration.

(And if you want to note the faults of the state and local officials, go right ahead, but this wasn't Ray Nagin's primetime mayorial address.)