Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Witness to a Crisis at DC?

Well, in doing research as to whether or not I should pick up the upcoming trade paperback of the Identity Crisis miniseries from DC and basically all the other prerequisites before they start their ritual of razing continuity, character and logic in order to reboot the DC universe in Infinite Crisis or if I should just avoid the brand until the smoke clears from the wreckage one year later, I came across this interesting debate between two fellows over general complaints of storytelling and marketing in the comics industry in this review...most interesting is the part that comics are still a geeky male pursuit. Interesting since from reading the other reviews, Identity Crisis had a real problem with misogyny.

Also, apparent comic book urban legends. One of the apparent urban legends is that DC is obligated to publish Wonder Woman at a minimum of quarterly or DC loses the rights. According to Brian Cronin, it was true once, but eventually DC bought out the rights completely. Though if that's true, as recently as a four years ago, many in DC did not realize this, as I first learned of that contract stipulation in a 2001 Washington Post article on Wonder Woman by Hank Stuever.
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