Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Slashed by the bleeding edge...

It appears LiveJournal is having issues with tagging. Tags with spaces are being resolved with URLs turning the space character into "%20" (the URL representation for the space), even though the links such tags point to turn the space into a "+". Thus a number of my tags have broken.

My multiword tags (and [likely temporary] URLS to access them...)
dc voting rights
fl inverter
found links
fox news
george w bush
identity theft
social security

This makes me real willing to try to finish "tagging" old posts. (Hell, I don't even want to read them!)

Update: I went ahead and added "+" signs to all those problem tage. That means you can use the links in each post as normal. However, those temporary links above no longer works. Though I'm sure LiveJournal will go ahead and break every other link on this page shortly. Just surrender. There's no hope.

All tags are available here.
Tags: meta
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