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To those in and near Richmond in need of a cheap notebook computer, Henrico County schools announced that they're going to sell off their surplus Apple iBooks on Tuesday August 9th to the public for $50. They have just 1000, so it will be first come, first serve, and they're only selling one to a person, so you can't go hoarding off a couple of dozen to try to make hand-over-fist profit.

The machines are 4 year old iBooks G3s with 320MB of RAM and Appleworks.

Henrico County opted to start using Dell machines this year, as Dell offered a better deal (particularly by providing Microsoft Office rather than Appleworks).

Of course as this is a sell of Apple computers, you're going to have to fight the loonies, and the fanboys who will probably be waiting in line starting Sunday night.

Yeah, that's a good enough reason for me to not bother with this sale.