Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

King of the Hill, the apolitical show.

Following up on the NY Times piece suggesting that King of the Hill should guide democrats, Jaime J. Weinman wonders how useful that suggestion really is. Even though the characters would probably proclaim themselves to be conservative, they have a nuanced view of policy that would thwart ideologues on either side. But I think that is the lesson. Most people don't believe in ideology (I say the only foolproof ideology is a fantasy ideology.). People really just want politicians to solve problems, not street test new governing theories. That's why people don't even listen to politicians or read position papers.

Anyway, King of the Hill is an interesting show in that you can either view it as a too close satire of Texans, or a celebration of Texans.
Tags: animation, found links, politics, television
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