Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Scoble's got your back! Really!

I know I've been overloading y'all with the software posts, but I've gotten into one of my grooves. I get into a subject, I wrestle with it for several weeks, then I'll get bored. That's the way I am.

Anyway, I just found this bit of posting over at Scoble's a just a little bit funny. Somewhere, some guy was getting beat down by Microsoft Windows. He wanted to get two computers talking to each other, to share files. After 10 hours of boxing with the computer, Windows won. Anyway, as the post called self-declared "Microsoft Geek Blogger" Robert Scoble out, Scoble offered some geek-blogger tech support: Don't wait 10 hours. If after an hour, you're getting bloodied, post a note, blog it up and ring up Scooby.

This may be a slight consequence of the antitrust trial that didn't slay Microsoft. Microsoft has been trying to get on everyone's good side once they discovered in the antitrust trial that everyone hated them. "At Microsoft, there is a lot less 'my way or the highway' than there used to be," says the article.

Ironically, that is now Steve Jobs' domain. Not really if you look closer to Jobs and Apple, but it's the nobler company -- noone will fault them for anything, right?

Perhaps, perhaps not. David Sobotta has gotten a little cynical about Apple Computer. Apple, so far this year, has gone and sued a few enthusiast websites to attempt to stop product leaks, has been served in several lawsuits regarding its business practices (and now one alledging discrimination), and has released one of the buggier OSes they've ever created since 10.1 when it was probably a good idea to spend a few additional weeks tightening the holes up. Things are probably still less crazy on the Macintosh, but slowly and surely they're learning what all other computer users have to learn. All complex machines will grind their gears time and again.

I'm thinking we're soon getting to the point where the complexities of computers will overwhelm whatever new things they can do, as the jack of all trades. Of course this is happening as every appliance around us is being computerized. (My digital video recorder loves to crash. "Crash" has no meaning to my video cassette recorder.)

Though back to Scoble, if he extends this offer to anyone who has to box with Windows for more than an hour, I'm sure his large email box will overflow.
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