Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Medicare for Viagra: A Poem

News story (WUSA-TV)

I'm old my eyes are bad
Old wife warns doctor against prescribing husband viagra.Need glasses to read
Eyes infected it's sad
Government says it's sex I need

Dental work is a needed thing
Teeth clean, pulled, dentures fix
Good health this will bring
But government only pays for sex

To be honest I'd rather see
And for sure teeth to chew
Government won't pay this for me
But an erection they will do

My teeth are gone, breath smells
Can't read, see flowers or watch TV
Government says "Oh, what the hell
Not a dime for help, but the sex on me!"

They will pay Billions for erections
In Senior Citizens homes
But dental and eyes corrections
Sorry old folks you're on your OWN

Only in America does sex trump health.
(sent to Derek McGinty by Chuck in Gore, VA)
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