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Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms
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This journal is looking difficult on the eyes. It's time for another picture post.

As I type this, it is expected that the cherry blossoms in Washington are at their peak bloom. It's one of the wonderful sights that make it joy to ive in DC. It also helps to placate the sadness that comes when it comes to finally admitting that winter is over and here will not be another chance for snow for at least six months.

Two days ago, I walked around the Tidal Basin and snapped a dozen photos of the cherry blossom trees. Admittedly, I don't have the best digital camera for the job. (I doubt a $40 camera could be the best at anything. Well, actually it's a Pencam, which probably makes it the best at portability.) Also, it was a pretty cloudy day, so colors were muted. Still, I think the pictures came out rather well.

Speaking of cameras, John Dvorak has penned an interesting column over at PC Magazine about digital cameras. Noting the obvious in that you can't change the film in digital camera, he realizes that the camera itself is the film. In that is the realization that the tricks that professionals used to be able to do by choosing different film will now have to be done through Photoshop filters, or even through the use of different cameras.

Oh, and this woman will be this Friday's Girl.
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