Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

I'm always a black sheep...

Do you want to see a shocking study in contrast?
I recently experimented with including postings from the "Adult_Swim" LJ community in my friends list. However, most of the postings there are the sort of "Hey, isn't that show/character/song/Cartoon Network so cool?" Very much unlike the discussions I got spoiled on over at TVBarn or ToonZone or DCRTV. Anyway, I pulled AS off my friends page, but I remained a member of their community. That means I still show up on the AS friends list.

Now, I'm sure that my posts stick out most obviously on every friends list that I inhabit. (Not that I inhabit all that many friends lists), the contrast between my posts and everybody else's posts that appear on Adult Swim Friends are so striking, I experienced mental whiplash.
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