Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Celebrity Correction Submissions. . .

One thing I do love about the internet is the possibility, however slim, of me receiving a message from a celebrity, even if it is to correct a stupidity of mine.

Dwayne McDuffie -- co owner of Milestone Media and a story editor/writer/producer of Justice League Unlimited -- stopped by to say hi and:
How weird! I just followed a link from a post you left on TV Barn, and the first thing I see is my name at the top of the page! Just wanted to clarify, Milestone's assets are all owned by Milestone. DC Comics has a sweetheart licensing deal that keeps us from doing a lot of stuff we want to with the characters but they don't own anything of Milestone's. They don't even have a stake in the company. 
There you go. Dwayne still runs Milestone. DC just licenses.

With that, I link to an interview of him at Silver Bullet Comics.
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