Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

The LCD FL Inverter Issue. . .

I do not know what an FL inverter does, except that if it doesn't work properly, the laptop's LCD backlight dies, and you pretty much wish there was a way to stick a flashlight behind the screen. The liquid crystals still work, but viewing what is on the display becomes as hard as viewing a film strip without a projector. This is information I gleaned from newsgroups through Google search. If that sounds exactly like the problem that I described in my Toshiba, that's because it is. I've only learned the terminology because after 3 months of beating around Toshiba and failing, I finally got the original owner to scan in the documents she received. So thus, doing that previous search is cheating, kind of. Though even adding those terms to search would not find you the information on Toshiba's web site. That information was hidden in the Support Bulletin pages, along with gems such as "Why you can't upgrade a video card on a laptop" and various items about Windows NT 4.

Of course, as it turns out there was a website, mentioned on the document itself, that had PDF copies of all relevant documents needed. If she had noticed that, I wouldn't have been begging for 2 months to see the papers. But it was a legal paper using three-point type, so it was probably easy to overlook.

Yeah, the LCD FL Inverter Extension and Refund Program Website at Now that that is all done, I can figure out if the repair is under warranty or if I have to pay upfront and ask for a refund.
Tags: fl inverter, toshiba
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