Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

See No Bias. . .

I thought I posted about the Implicit Association Test on these pages, but Google is coming up with nothing. (I'm amazed I've written enough to have to search back entries through Google. I should probably figure out a way to put a Google form in here...) Anyway, I may have done this back when I was an active participant at either Straight Dope or Fathom boards. I took the test, and I managed to squeak away with a slight preference towards black people. This was years ago, and I may have gamed the test. I don't quite remember my state of mind for the test.

Anyway, a piece in the Washington Post Magazine about the Implicit Association Test had me thinking about this and some other things. One: I never written a post about name biases vis a vis names on job applications. Two: I remember the ruckus that was caused when it was revealed that most conservatives tested as having a higher bias against black people than liberals. Not noted as much was the finding that even those within the looked down upon groups tend to absorb the same biases against themselves (which makes my results more remarkable). Nor was the interesting fact that those who actually tend to associate with the looked down upon groups had a more favorable view of said group (though it probably shouldn't be surprising).

Since the publication of the WaPo piece, all but three tests were taken down. I presume once the wave of publicity dies down, the other tests will return.
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