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Figuring out what is wrong...

Let's continue from the last post. I have a Toshiba Satellite 1805-S204 notebook computer. It was one of the first notebooks to come with Windows XP preinstalled on it. It was purchased in Texas in October 2001 (by the original owner) for $1100 retail -- though with the astronomical sales tax rate of 8.25% (this is a state that prides itself on having a light tax burden) the price paid was closer to $1200. It currently holds 384MB of RAM (16MB is used for video operations), a 1GHz Celeron processor, a 20GB drive, built in Ethernet, a DVD-ROM, and most importantly a 13.3" 1024 x 768 LCD display powered by a Trident CyberBlade XP Ai1 chip. Now, will all of that information, go over to and try to find out what is wrong with my display system. Here's a recap: The display will occasionally dim out or blank out completely, with disregard to level of use experienced by the laptop. And if you wish to know, there's a plastic hinge joint missing on the left side of the display (See second image in this post). I suggest you take a day off of work, because you'll likely never find any information on the problem through normal means.

The screen dimming wouldn't come up often enough to warrant me spending spring and summer days beating Ask Iris (Toshiba's technical support search engine) into submission, and I had other things to worry about. And I didn't want to spend $200 and lose the machine for two weeks to hear "We couldn't reproduce the problem you reported." Such is the life of the never ending student.

But ah, this past November, the Toshiba's original owner receives legal documents in the mail. It appears that, with a little prodding from lawyers, Toshiba has admitted that this random display shutdown is not a desired design feature. Of course, I went back to ask Iris what to do. Iris continued to be useless. I decided to look into press releases from the company, under the assumption Toshiba wanted to let people know. Yeah, what was I thinking? Funny thing, Toshiba did release a statement about replacing a different set of notebooks because of memory problems. Yeah, I'm beginning to think I should go back to machines from that printer company. Or perhaps from IBM before they start becoming Lenovos.

So, now I have a problem. According to the original owner, the display does have an issue, but to get the issue resolved, not only do I need the forms they sent her, I also need the receipt (as proof of purchase) to the system. Not the receipt for the repair work (though they need that, too), but the original purchase receipt. Why? I suppose there is a huge rash of people stealing defective laptops and defrauding Toshiba by asking for warranty service. But that's OK. People normally keep receipts for purchases for at least three years. Yeah, and fifth graders can do statistical regressions in their heads.

Concluded two posts later >>>
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