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My kingdom for a reliable laptop.

The signs probably say I was never meant to have a notebook computer. My most reliable laptop was the one I destroyed by accident by mixing up its AC adapter with a printer's. This is further proof that printer companies should not make computers. Unfortunately, even if it lasted to today, it'd would have to be sent to the retirement home. It came with Windows 98 and probably 32MBs of RAM. It was sent to the farm last July.

My next laptop is the infamous Compaq Presario (specs) with the missing battery cover, necessitating acrobatic style balancing of the machine for it to work. It's my fault for buying it at a traveling computer show without checking to see if it works. At the very least, I should have asked the vendor to disconnect the machine from the wall outlet and use it for 5 minutes before purchasing it. Right now, it is in a box, as it has been for a year. However, as it isn't as old (shipped with Windows ME, upgradeable to XP), and had been upgraded to 256MB of RAM. It can probably work again if I put down the $150-200 to fix the battery issue. Also a new larger hard disk couldn't hurt.

However, the real issue comes with the Toshiba. There's a comedy of errors with that one, which I'll be getting to in the next post. I have discovered I have a habit of posting long pieces in which the point of the actual piece doesn't appear until around the third paragraph. For whatever reason, LJ's search engine doesn't like when I do that. We'll just call this post the backgrounder.

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