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Speaking of Linux...

...while there are a lot of things still seriously broken in Linux, in regards to user interface most of all (and I'll probably get into them into detail in the future, if only to refute this essay), Red Hat Fedora 3 and the Ndiswrapper programmers seem to have made a more stable wireless connection than Windows XP ever had with drivers native to the OS. I should explain Ndiswrapper is a program that allows a Windows DLL for a network card to work in Linux. So through a OS hack, Linux works better in connecting to the Internet through my wireless card, using a Windows driver than Windows itself could.

Why is that? And I don't want the answer than Linux has better programmers. What is broken in Windows XP where my wireless notebook card, a Belkin 802.11g card, keeps dropping my connection every so often (with the connectivity light going off and everything), while Linux keeps it running?