Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Can a N***a Get Published?

Is your newspaper censoring this week's Boondocks comic strip? This week's storyline consists of Russell Simmons launching his own reality series, 'Can a N***a Get a Job?'. It's a rather funny satire, and because of that The Washington Post can't handle it. In fact in the chat linked above, the Post forbade the linking to the controversial material, which I have just linked to. Sadly, this is the funniest the Boondocks has been in quite a while (though it has been trending better as of late). And here in DC, we've replaced it with stale Kobe jokes.

Though I still wish the new artist would improve just a little bit. Expressions are still no better than Xeroxed heads, and she has problems with giving the kids fat hands.  (And pay close attention to the location of the arm of the woman with the afro, in relationship to the sleeve of her shirt.) (Links to comics will expire in about 2 weeks, and I don't feel like now trying to archive them for educational and informational purposes.)
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