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Voting in the ether...

I'm probably not the only one who thinks that the much derided Florida exit polls from the 2000 vote were the only accurate tallying of the vote in that state. Especially if you consider not only all the decipherable votes that were thrown out (i.e. "overvotes" where say Gore was marked, and was also written-in in the write-in section), plus the shenanigans behind the inaccurate felons list. With that said, Mark Evanier has come up with a clever way to use the exit-poll to keep the election fair.


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Jul. 22nd, 2004 02:25 am (UTC)
That's *almost* my idea
"What I would like to see is a system where you vote via touch screen and the device spits out a little card that lists all your votes in plain English..."

I'd like to see a system where you 'vote' via touch-screen, and it spits out a card that lists all your votes in plain English. This card would be your actual ballot.

After verifying its accuracy, you'd put the card in a slot in a machine, and that would be the point at which you actually voted. The machine would read and count your ballot with standard optical character reader technology, and store the ballots that had been read.

If your ballot wasn't accurate, you'd go to a precinct worker, and trade your bad ballot (which he would rip in two) for another turn at the touch-screen.

To me, this seems to have everything: recountability, the ease of touch-screen, easy verification by the voter, lack of ambiguity.

It even sidesteps the problem of Diebold, etc. wanting to keep their software proprietary, because it wouldn't matter anymore that the touch-screen was a black box.

I outlined this idea all the way back in 2000, while Florida was still being contested. The problem is: now that I've got this idea, what do I do with it?
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