Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Life's not like 'Law and Order'...

Aaron Barnhart, TV critic and columnist for the Kansas City Star redesigned TVBarn over the weekend. He's reincorperated the Ticker back into the main page, turning it into the main attraction of the site. Also by making it bigger, and having the software append our names to each post, it now feels more like one of those community weblogs. Which means I'll forever be linked to introducing the TVBarn readership to how the Japanese TV commercial featuring a woman giving birth to a horse. (That's not how the link appeared on the homepage, but the Internet Archive hasn't released the 2004 archives yet.)

Anyway, along the sidebar he mentions Frank Wolf talking about his franchise of shows. (Don't let himm catch me call it a franchise, he likes to think of it as a brand. I like to think of it as 20 hours of my life a week I'll never get back.) This is interesting, because Frank Wolf appeared unaware of a documentary about the criminal justice system, which aired as part of the Frontline franchise of shows. The Plea is a look at the most well known shortcut in the criminal justice system, thd plea bargin. Sometimes the defendent isn't guilty, but can't afford to fight for his innocence, or too fears for the unknowns of the trial. And sometimes even more shockingly, pleas are used to keep the prosecution from showing a very bad hand.
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