Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Give me advice...Where do I buy a dot-com?

I'm here to ask for some advice. I want to buy a dot-com. No, not a company. The economy is not good enough for me to invest in stores selling petfood online. No, I just want to buy a domain name. Well, two actually.
Mainly for an email address. What? Don't I already have email, you're asking? No, what happens is whenever someone replies to me, the reply is sent to a printer somewhere in the city. Those pages -- OK, thanks to spam, reams of correspondence is shipped to me via big trucks to me each day. And I promptly throw away 97%, since they're offering to "ref.inanc'e my m0r.tage" or to sell me "a" at a "lo.w lo c-ost". Yeah, now that I think about it, it's rather wasteful, but fortunately we opened up the national forests.

Through the past two ISPs I've used, I've gone through 4 email addresses and unfortunately I can't remember all the places I've signed up at using email addresses I've long since lost. Plus all the pen-pals that now get "Unrecoverable fatal errors" when trying to get into contact with me. So that is one reason to want a domain name. So I don't have to keep changing my @surname everytime I must flee to better surroundings, or to a better ISP, or when my ISP just feels that they need a new name to better express the artist within herself. I'd better get this done before I'm saddled with

Though email is my primary reason for wanting a domain, it'd be nice to have a some webhosting space. Nah, I'm not going to be launching a huge site to sell pet food over the internet, but some space for pictures, drawings, maybe to run one of them newfangled weblogs things. Not much.
Now, if anybody has any good suggestions for purchasing such a thing for myself, drop a line. (People not with a LJ account use the "anonymous" option).
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