Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Sometimes, even the Post feels the headline says it all...

Right now, if you click on this link, you simply get the headline and nothing else. I'm probably not going to get a screen capture of it, so by the time you wake up tomorrow there'll be an entire story there.

But right now, it is simply "Roadless Rules for Forests Set Aside:
USDA Plans to Reverse Clinton Prohibitions"

I do kinda miss Gregg Easterbrook, because he's always good for figuring out a way to spin this as good for the environment.

Perhaps something along the lines of environmentally friendly clear-cutters are helping to prevent massive forest fires by removing all those damn combustable trees, or that asphalt makes a better growing material. Well, you'd know he'd be up to it.

Never mind, I found him. He's written to say Michael Moore hates America. I didn't think people not suffering head injuries actually used that phrase sincerely and seriously.
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