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Welcome to New York....

I am posting this from New York City, from someplace called "easyInternetCafe (the cheapest way to get online)" near Time Square. (Near the big lights McDonald's and across the street from "B.B.King".) Now, they are charging me $1 for 20 minutes online, so if I find a Panera Bread or a coffee store with free WiFi access, I'll be back here in a New York minute to take down the words "cheapest way to get online".

Now, I haven't done much at all while I was here. Much of the time I've been here (since 1:30 or so) was in search of where the bus will pick me back up tomorrow at 9:40am. Serendipidously the where the bus will pick me up is about 3 blocks away from the Sterling Street subway stop. That took quite a while to find, but find it I did.

Well, you may wonder why I don't pick up the bus where it dropped me off? Well that is the last stop the bus makes in local NYC before returning to Washington, and in my observation from DC, the bus filled up at the very first stop... I do not wish to be stranded here beyond a night. This isn't Greyhound. Besides, $35 would just cover one way fare on Greyhound, rather than round trip.

Anyway, I made this a walking tour of the city... while I was in Brooklyn looking for the return stop, I passed by the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, and rode the subway around (using the daypass Metrocard.) If anything is still open by the time I finish typing this, I'll check them out. At least I'll get to see the 30 minute firework show, if I see nothing else.