Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

The thing is... some of this is plausible!

hamadryad and bibble used to live together but bibble moved out when they saw hamadryad making out with chef_troy!
jadis has secret, sordid fantasies about themermaid!
3weasel, we all know the truth, come out of the closet.
msmamalove has a secret fixation with butter!
opalcat found bondage equipment under suebdoo's bed!
rasa keeps a Gibbon in their cupboard, which they beat when stressed!

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laurel has thighs like tree trunks, and suebdoo knows it well...
msmamalove is secretly married to a horse!
msmamalove is gonna pop a cap in terracinque's head, yo.
sterlingnorth, m0usegrrl and a pint of whipped cream; need I say more?
mrknowitall saw something they shouldn't have in sterlingnorth's parents' bedroom...

Enter your username to dish the dirt on your friends!

I like line 4 of the second one.
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