Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

If Glassman can't get economics right, why should you believe his movie reviews?

If James K. Glassman can't get economics right, which is his stated disipline, why on earth would anyone give him space to do a movie review? Especially when he admits he hasn't seen the film yet. Now, I have actually seen Fahrenheit 9/11 and I was going to say something it, and about Glassman's review of it, but I only have time tonight for a hit-and-run.

Glassman wrote that Miramax Films is releasing the movie. Now, unless his article had a two month lead time, he'd know that Disney has blocked Miramax from distributing the film. (FYI: Lions Gate and IFC Films have distributed it in America.) If he's not going to do enough research to know who is actually putting the film out in theaters, much less even see the actual movie, why would an editor at an newspaper give the man space? Is that the standard of journalism you want to set? (Actually, I read this in the Northern Virginia Journal, which pretty much sets its journalistic standards that low. Now, what is the Sacramento Bee's excuse?)

Anyway, to complete the hit and run, Disney (the company that dumped Fahrenheit for fear of the wrath of Jeb) has decided to get in bed with Move America Forward (the group that helped to cow CBS into dumping its Reagan miniseries, but has failed to cow most theater chains from showing Fahrenheit) to promote America's Heart and Soul, directly as a rebuke to Michael Moore, and the liberal media cabal (and this must make for some interesting discussions at ABC News).
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