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Subject: Don't Count Us Out Coalition Rallies to Raise Awareness of Nielsen's Lack of Action
[allegedly, the new Nielsen boxes undercount TV watching by minorities]

Mark Jeffries: Gosh, they don't mention their support from Rupert Murdoch, don't they? Interesting that 'ol "fair and balanced" Rupert will associate with lefties when it means he can make more money.

Stephen Powers: Yep, believe it or not, some people are actually able to associate and do business (and, in some cases -- gasp -- be friends) with those who have differing political opinions from their own.

Me: Which is ironic since Fox News ("Where liberals are terrorists") isn't likely to cultivate that belief among its viewers.

And thus the message that launched a thousand emails to the TVBarn mailing list... Questioning the impartiality of Fox News is a landmine... Yet another reason I now avoid messageboards like the plague.