Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Imagine if they called those goth kids "potential terrorists"...

Perhaps I should be happy that this money was returned to the government, but I really want to hear what possibly lead to anyone thinking Goths are a problem that require federal appropriation.

BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. - Almost half of a $273,000 grant awarded in 2002 to fight the Goth culture in Blue Springs has been returned because of a lack of interest - and the absence of a real problem.

Blue Springs received the grant two years ago from the Youth Outreach Unit, money the city and U.S. Rep. Sam Graves trumpeted proudly as a way to fight a perceived Goth problem.

But $132,000 of the grant was returned because officials never found much of a problem with the Goth culture, which some students called a fad that most people eventually outgrow.

Slightly more than $118,000 of the money was earmarked for therapy, assessment and case management, and the plans also included a series of town meetings to discuss the issue.

But, ah... I get to laugh at my government again... Now for the odd statement juxtaposition of the story...
"You have to admit if you saw one, two, three, four or more people dressed in traditional Goth, it would be discerning," she said. "Those kids have every right to be there. I hope the lessons you're teaching are tolerance and understanding."
And like any afterschool special, a lesson has been learned...
Assistant City Administrator Eric Johnson said despite the change in focus, the project helped dispel myths and stereotypes associated with the Goth culture.
I'd assume one of those myths and stereotypes that has been dispelled was the one where Goths are perceived to be such a threat as to require federal aid in stopping the threat.
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