Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Web Journal History...

Two years ago, I attempted running a Movable Type weblog on what was then unlimited free server space from an outfit called Spaceports. (Yes, I should have know that wasn't going to last). The address used to be Actually, it was a sort of relaunch (there were a number of posts I made in December or January which I had made non-public). Anyway, that weblog died when I forgot the password to it, and when Spaceports went pay. (Actually, I did pay them before they went pay... their advertisements were actually breaking the site...I just didn't renew when the ads returned, and I didn't renew when they dumped the free unlimited hosting plan.) Anyway, if you want to look at a small, pathetic slice of history, it's up at which is pretty much a storage space for me paid for by someone else, until I buy my own domain.

(Yes, it was a three day relaunch with all of four posts. Blame my adult ADD.)
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