Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Breaking the Habit...

A few posts down I said that I disagree often with Amid Amidi (particularly when he gets on his tirades about all scriptwritten animation being terrible), but I do agree with this statement:
Involving, emotionally satisfying stories are possible in myriad visual styles, including fluid Disney-style animation. Sadly though, decades of infantile and incompetent storytelling by the modern Disney studio, Katzenberg, Bluth and others have forced filmmakers to avoid like the plague the lush appealing style of animation pioneered by the Golden Age Disney studio. At least we can be thankful that intelligence has finally found a home in animation, even if it means for now these type of stories are being told exclusively through Japanese animation.
Though I also think anime style can be equally lush, but with decades of Disney holding the hardly contested monopoly on feature animation (yes, Bakshi tried, but he was unsuccessful in expanding the form), "cartoons are for kids" has been cemented in the public's mind. It's going to be tough breaking that habit.
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